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Rabbi Yablok could not have made the entire experience more pleasant. He was there for us during the entire process including all hours of the night. Rabbi Yablok met with us before the bris and walked us through the whole process from start to finish. Our friends and family continue to comment how fast Rabbi Yablok was during the actual bris and that our son didn’t cry at all. Rabbi Yablok was in constant contact with us the week after the bris, checking in with us every day and coming over to check on our son multiple times. Rabbi Yablok is the ideal mohel specifically, and a very special person in general. We feel very fortunate to have had him as our mohel and that we had the opportunity to connect to a world class mechanech.


We enthusiastically and warmly recommend Rabbi Yablok as a mohel. Rabbi Yablok was in constant communication with us before and after the bris and provided unparalleled guidance, support and pastoral care. He gave us total confidence not only that the bris would be performed to the highest halakhic and medical standards but that would we be prepared to care for our son in the days after the bris. The bris took place during the COVID-19 pandemic and Rabbi Yablok was especially attentive to the health and safety of our son and everyone present at the bris. Our son’s grandfathers, a neurosurgeon and a geriatrician, who were honored to served as sandak, were also positively impressed by Rabbi Yablok’s surgical expertise and efficiency. We could not have been more pleased by this experience.


Rabbi Yablok is a virtuoso in the execution of a Bris. He does a wonderful job walking parents - both new and experienced - through the process with warmth, sensitivity, intelligence and professionalism. We were thrilled to work with him and you will be too.


Rabbi Yablok is everything you want in a mohel- skilled, knowledgeable, personable and warm. He took all the stress out of the event and allowed us to fully enjoy this milestone in the life of our family. He spent a long time visiting with the baby the day before and explained to us what would happen. We were amazed that our son didn't cry at all during the actual milah and was so calm after that my wife was able to stay inside the sanctuary to hear the speech I delivered. That evening, Rabbi Yablok came in person to check on our son and was in touch often during the days and weeks following. This was not our first bris, but it was our first time using Rabbi Yablok. We can't imagine using anyone else in the future.


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Rabbi Yablok is an experienced mohel who is sought after for his accessibility, warmth, expertise and attention to detail. He is unusually attentive before, during and after the bris ceremony to ensure that everyone's needs are tended to and all aspects of the bris experience are smooth and successful.


Rabbi Yablok earned his rabbinic ordination at Yeshiva University and has been a practicing Mohel in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and throughout the country for the past ten years.   

Rabbi Yablok completed extensive training for Bris Milah under Rabbi Michoel Rovinsky, a distinguished Mohel and expert in the field of circumcision, who has been practicing for more than twenty years. Under his guidance, Rabbi Yablok performed hundreds of procedures in the training process alone.  In addition, Rabbi Yablok carries with him a rich tradition from both his great-grandfather and namesake, as well as his wife's grandfather, Reverend Noah  Wolff, who performed over 30,000 brisin in the greater Chicago area during his sixty year career.

In addition to practicing as a Mohel, Rabbi Yablok has been involved in formal and informal Jewish Education for over eighteen years.  He currently serves as the Principal of Ohr Yisroel of Tenafly, a boys yeshiva high school. Rabbi Yablok, along with his wife Shira and their children live in Bergenfield, NJ.

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